Stainless Steel

Hegra Rail HVC-X

Very compact full extension ball slide. Section and fixing according to market standard
Available Sizes
1. Environment
2. Axis configuration
Correspond to the maximum length defined during the design for the integration of the telescopic slide
3. Loading
The total payload include the load carried by the plate/drawer and the load of plate/drawer itself
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  • Safe handling thanks to numerous accessories: locking, stops and shock absorbers, holding in position, drive discs (not cumulative for some)
  • Bilateral stroke possible. Also optionally available with synchronizing disc for the intermediate element
  • Ease of assembly: Designed for easy access for assembly on one side of the slide. Optimised number of screws for slide mounting, especially when the length is large
  • Stroke can be adapted to suit requirements on request. Please note that the load carrying capacity values will change as a result
  • Suitable for moderate manual operation, without shocks

Anti Corrosion materials and protections

Excellent salt spray resistance up to 1000 h

Environmental Compatibility

Wide operating temperature range from -20 to +170°C excluding options and accessories

Load Capacity

Apply a damping factor of 0.6 to the catalogue load capacities

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