Long Stroke

Prismatic Rail

Linear roller guide for long stroke, high load and high speed applications
Available Sizes
28 35 55


  • Hardened steel raceways. Load capacity up to 15000 N/skid. Max. speed 7 m/s. Max. acceleration 20 m/s²
  • High self-alignment properties thanks to a pivot system with axial clearance mounted on the roller carriages. Absorption of the angular distorsion generated by the bending of the guide rail
  • Compensation of misalignments up to 4 mm for a configuration of two axes mounted in parallel
  • Rail jointing possible to get unlimited lengths
  • Rail made of hardened C45 steel. Hardness > 58 HRC

Main Recommendations

The aluminium slider can be configured with a variable number of rollers, from 3 to 6. The rollers are in turn available in two variants, cylindrical or V-shaped

Environmental Compatibility

Operating temperature range between -10°C and +80°C

Suitable for use in a dirty environment

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