Hardened Raceways

Telescopic Rail DSE

Heavy-duty ball slide with hyper-extension up to 3 m stroke
Available Sizes
28 35 43 63
1. Environment
2. Axis configuration
Correspond to the maximum length defined during the design for the integration of the telescopic slide
3. Loading
The total payload include the load carried by the plate/drawer and the load of plate/drawer itself
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  • Designed for demanding applications (high loads and speeds, shocks, crash test…) thanks to its hardened bearing raceways
  • Slide without play throughout the entire stroke
  • The only industrial slides on the market allowing a calculation of the product’s life span
  • Rails and sliders made of cold-drawn high-performance steel for optimised mass and inertia. Intermediate element with a very rigid “S” profile
    It is essential to provide end stops outside the slide
  • Excellent quality of movement even under load
    The stroke can be adapted on request as required. Please note that this will change the load capacity values

Main Recommendations

During the design phase, ensure that the fixing holes on both sides of the slide are accessible for easy installation

For this slide, separate references for right and left side

Environmental Compatibility

Operating temperature range from -20 to +50°C

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