Roller Slide

Telerace TQN-P

Full extension square-section roller slide for dirty environment
Available Sizes
30 40
1. Environment
2. Axis configuration
Correspond to the maximum length defined during the design for the integration of the telescopic slide
3. Loading
The total payload include the load carried by the plate/drawer and the load of plate/drawer itself
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  • Nitriding (NOX) hardened rail tracks. Through-hardened rollers
  • Suitable for automatic cycles with moderate speeds
  • The stroke (extension) can be easily adapted as required. Please note that this changes the load capacity values
  • Smooth and silent motion
  • End stop in closed position with integrated rubber damper
  • Suitable for vertical or flat mounting configurations. Refer to axial load capacity values / pairs
  • Operating temperature range from -20 to +80°C

Main Recommendations

Suitable for vertical or flat mounting configurations. In the latter case, please refer to the axial/pair load capacity values

Anti Corrosion materials and protections

Black oxidation with micro oil impregnation on the whole rail. Corrosion resistance 120 hours in salt spray. Up to 700 h in Q version

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