Easyslide SNK

Recirculating ball bearing guide. Compactness and high load capacities
Available Sizes


  • The SNK series consists of a drawn steel C profile rail with hardened and ground raceways and of an internal slider with a recirculating ball bearing system. This product is extremely compact and boasts high load rating
    and great sliding properties.
  • Balls are made of hardened bearing steel
  • Ground raceways of the guide rails and sliders are induction hardened
    (ground for the SNK series)
  • Long service life
  • SNK can be horizontally and vertically mounted.

Environmental Compatibility

Operating temperature range between -20°C and +70°C

Load Capacity

Block Co rad (N) Co ax (N) Mx (N.m) My (N.m) Mz (N.m)
SN43-110 7842 5489 75 95 136
SNK43-150 10858 7600 105 182 261
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