Actuator Systems
Belt drive - Anti-corrosion components


"Corrosion Resist" 2D gantry for payloads up to 100(*) kg for humid environment. Speed/Acceleration up to 3 m/s and 10 m/s²
Available Sizes
130/100 160/130 220/160

Workspace configurable up to :
Y : 5 000 mm
Z : 2 500 mm
(*) Higher loads can be achieved with additionnal options, for such application please contact Rollon
Your application data
The simulation you are going to carry out takes into account a cycle composed of two return trips on the Z axis and one return trip on the Y axis, without interpolation.
The simulated cycle takes into account one return trip on the Y axis
The simulated cycle takes into account two return trips on the Z axis
The reference cycle time gives you information about the duration of your cycle for usual speed and acceleration (2m/s²)
Corresponds to a cycle composed of a go-an-back on Y axis, and two go-and-backs on Z axis
Effective total cycle time achieved by your system
Maximal achieved speed on Y axis
Maximal achieved speed on Z axis
Maximal achieved speed on Z axis second stroke
Lifetime (Optional)
The total pause time includes the pause time during the cycle and between two cycles
Choose your configuration
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  • Consisting of Plus System Robot CR and Plus System SC CR linear units.  The contraction “CR” stands for “Corrosion Resist”
  • Linear units equipped with internal and external stainless steel components: bearings, linear guides, nuts, bolts and other parts
  • Movement by means of a linear recirculating ball bearing guide with toothed belt drive
  • Light and rigid Y-Z structure composed of extruded and anodized aluminum alloy beams
  • Custom-manufactured manipulator with custom-made stroke
  • Technical file on request with calculation notice
  • Quick and easy mounting of the gearboxes, by means of an expanding hub, directly in the drive head. Free” positioning of the motor/gearbox pairs in the drive head
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