Actuator Systems
Belt drive


3D gantry with light-weight Z axis for payloads up to 60(*) kg. Speed/Acceleration up to 2,5 m/s and 8 m/s²
Available Sizes
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Workspace configurable up to :
X : 11 000 mm
Y : 3 500 mm
Z : 750 mm
(*) Higher loads can be achieved with additionnal options, for such application please contact Rollon
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  • Movement by means of caged linear recirculating ball bearing guide and toothed belt drive
  • Consisting of the linear units “E-SMART”, “R-SMART” and “S-SMART”
  • Light and rigid Y-Z structure composed of extruded and anodised aluminium alloy beams
  • Manipulator made to order with tailor-made stroke
  • Technical file on request with calculation notice
  • Quick and easy mounting of the gearboxes, by means of an expandable hub, directly in the drive head. Free” positioning of the motor/gearbox pairs in the drive head
  • Useful accessories: reducers and its mounting kits, sensor holders
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