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R-Smart Series

Twin rail belt driven linear actuator with a simplified design. Economic without compromise.
Available Sizes
120 160 220
1. Environment
Axis Configuration
Stroke and Loading
Work Rate
For moderate rate (2 m/s²)
Advanced Research
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  • Movement provided by two linear recirculating ball guides and a toothed belt
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • To be reserved for “single-axis” type configuration with high load, moment and work rate
  • Particularly suitable for mounting on edge due to the belt being held and guided by bearings
  • Level of protection suitable for workshop environment
  • Rigid self-supporting structure due to rectangular cross-section of aluminum profile
  • Quick and easy mounting of the gear unit directly in the drive head by means of an expanding hub. Free” positioning of the motor/gearbox assembly in the drive head
  • Useful accessories: gearboxes and mounting kits, sensor holders

Multi-Axis Configurations

YZ Portals

System X-Axis Y-Axis Z-Axis
YZP-D12F05 None R-SMART 120 S-SMART 50
YZP-D12F06 None R-SMART 120 S-SMART 65
YZP-D12F08 None R-SMART 120 S-SMART 80
YZP-D16F06 None R-SMART 160 S-SMART 65
YZP-D16F08 None R-SMART 160 S-SMART 80

XYZ Gantry Systems

Please contact ROLLON for all other axis combination requests


R-SMART 120 
R-SMART 160 
Profile width/height (mm) 120 x 65 160 x 90 220 x 100
Rail size (mm) 15 20 25
Max. working stroke (mm) 6050 6000 5900
Special stroke (mm) 11200 11200 11100
Max. repetability (mm) +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05


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