Supported Belt

ECO Series

Compact linear unit for dirt environment. Stroke up to 12 m
Available Sizes
60 80 100
1. Environment
Axis Configuration
Stroke and Loading
Work Rate
For moderate rate (2 m/s²)
Advanced Research
Choose your configuration


  • Movement provided by a linear recirculating ball bearing guide and a toothed belt
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • Particularly suitable for configurations of mounting two units in parallel
  • In single-axis configuration, to be reserved for moderate load cases with little overhang
  • Protection of the linear guide, fixed inside the profile, provided by the toothed belt
  • Drive torque transmission to the pulley by means of a keyed hollow shaft
  • Useful accessories: synchronisation shaft, sensor support, …

Multi-Axis Configurations

Assembly kit available for mounting the “ROBOT100” unit on two “ECO 80” units


ECO 60 SP2
ECO 80 SP2
ECO 100 SP2
Profile width/height (mm) 60 x 60 80 x 80 100 x 100
Rail size (mm) 12 mini 15 20
Maxi. working stroke (mm) 3700 6000 6000
Maxi. repetability (mm) +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05


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