Telescopic Slides
Total Extension

Light Rail LRS

Telescopic slides with total extension for light duty applications
Available Sizes
56 71 76 71OE
1. Environment
2. Axis configuration
Correspond to the maximum length defined during the design for the integration of the telescopic slide
3. Loading
The total payload include the load carried by the plate/drawer and the load of plate/drawer itself
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The Essential

  • Light and quiet running
  • Long service life with low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Structural elasticity capable of absorbing minor impacts and absence of permanent deformation
  • Not sensitive to side impacts
  • Different options are available depending on the rail size (e.g. locking systems in open and/or closed position) and further customizations (eg. lengths, strokes) are possible.
  • LRS 56/71/76 : Full extension telescopic rail It features end stoppers with hold closed which reduces noise function and prevents the guide from opening by itself in closed position.
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