High speed


"Cost saving" linear actuator with speed and acceleration up to 7 m/s and 15 m/s²
Available Sizes
40 55 75

The Essential

  • Movement provided by a linear roller guide and a toothed belt
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • Particularly suitable for configurations in which two units are mounted in parallel
  • In single-axis configuration, to be reserved for moderate load cases
  • Suitable for automatic cycle operation at high working rates and moderate loads
  • Protection of the unit by longitudinal seals for operation in a dirt environment
  • Drive torque transmission to the pulley by means of a keyed hollow shaft
  • Assembly kits available for creating multi-axis X-Y-Z / Y-Z / X-Y systems

Anti Corrosion materials and protections

Available in “anti-corrosion” version for wet environments


Operating temperature range from -20 °C to + 80 °C


Profile width/height (mm) 40 x 40 55 x 55 75 x 75
Rail size (mm) 18 28 43
Maxi. working stroke (mm) 1660 2770 3000
Maxi. repetability (mm) 0,1 0,1 0,1


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