Actuator Systems
Steel Body, Rack and Pinion drive

RTUtcs – Top-Covered Smart

Robotic Transport Unit Top-Cover Smart, with steel body, rack and pinion drive. Top cover protection against debris. Sizes available for 20 kg to the highest payload robots
Available Sizes
20 200 400 800 1200 2000
Load Stroke Speed Cost effective Compact Accuracy Maintenance free

Standard Features

  • Machined ends for easy machine assembly, future expansion, or re-tooling.
  • Precision off the shelf linear guideway systems.
  • Servo reducers driving rack and pinion.
  • Guideway carriage wipers for durable protection from debris.
  • Single point lubrication distribution.
  • Cable carrier mounting positions in the left, center, and right machine positions.
  • Speeds up to 1.5 m/s available.
  • Standard repeatability 0.040mm (+/- 0.020mm).

Optional Features

  • Automatic lubrication system, controlled by your PLC.
  • Robot risers.
  • Weld wire, paint pot, and additional equipment platforms.
  • Sensor brackets and cam rails.
  • Washdown safe machines.
  • Metal cable carriers.
  • Multiple driven, linked, or idle saddles.
  • C1D1 explosion proof options.
  • Cleanroom options.
  • 7th axis robot integration.
  • Professional assembly and metrology services.

Typical Sizes by Robot Model

MFG Model Size
ABB IRB 120/1200 Series RTUtcs-20
IRB 140/1410 Series RTUtcs-20
IRB 14000/14050 Series RTUtcs-20
IRB 1520ID Series RTUtcs-20
IRB 1600/1660ID Series RTUtcs-20
IRB 2400 Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 2600/2600ID Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 4400/4400L Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 460 Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 4600 Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 52 Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 660 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 6620 Series RTUtcs-200
IRB 6640 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 6650 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 6660 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 6700 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 6790 Series RTUtcs-400
IRB 760 Series RTUtcs-800
IRB 7600 Series RTUtcs-800
IRB 8700 Series RTUtcs-1200
Fanuc Arc Mate Series RTUtcs-20
CR-35 RTUtcs-200
CR-4 thru 15 RTUtcs-20
LR Mate 200 Series RTUtcs-20
M-20 Series RTUtcs-20
M-2000 Series RTUtcs-2000
M-410 Series – 110 thru 315 RTUtcs-400
M-410 – 450 thru 500 RTUtcs-800
M-710 Series RTUtcs-200
M-900 Series – 150 thru 700 RTUtcs-800
R-1000 Series RTUtcs-200
R-2000 Series RTUtcs-400
Kuka Agilus Series RTUtcs-20
Cybertech Series RTUtcs-20
KR30 Series RTUtcs-200
KR300 Series RTUtcs-400
KR360 Fortec Series RTUtcs-400
KR40 Series RTUtcs-200
KR470PA Series RTUtcs-400
KR500 Foretec Series RTUtcs-800
KR60 Series RTUtcs-200
KR600 Foretec Series RTUtcs-800
KR700 PA Series RTUtcs-800
Quantec Series RTUtcs-400
Titan Series RTUtcs-1200
Yaskawa EP/EPHD4000 Series RTUtcs-800
EPH130 Series RTUtcs-400
ES Series RTUtcs-400
GP110 Series RTUtcs-200
GP12 Series RTUtcs-20
GP165R Series RTUtcs-400
GP180 Series RTUtcs-400
GP200R Series RTUtcs-400
GP20HL Series RTUtcs-200
GP215 Series RTUtcs-400
GP225 Series RTUtcs-400
GP25 Series RTUtcs-20
GP250 Series RTUtcs-400
GP280 Series RTUtcs-400
GP35 Series RTUtcs-200
GP400 Series RTUtcs-800
GP50 Series RTUtcs-200
GP7/GP8 Series RTUtcs-20
GP88 Series RTUtcs-200
MotoMini Series RTUtcs-20
MS Series RTUtcs-400
SDA Series RTUtcs-20
SP Series RTUtcs-400
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